St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery

For information on buying plots in St. Joseph Cemetery or any other questions about the cemetery, please contact Sandy Bohr at 630-844-3780.


The St. Joseph Cemetery Committee has drawn up the following guidelines regarding the care and decorating of graves in St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery.  Since the cemetery is a holy place. It should be preserved in good condition and free from unsightly objects.  The placing of containers on any grave or lot is to be discouraged and any such containers that interfere with the upkeep or care of the lot will be removed by the cemetery authorities.

St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery provides Income Care for the cemetery. Income Care shall be construed to mean general care, and shall comprise of the cutting of grass, the raking and cleaning of grounds and the general preservation of grounds.  Income Care shall in no way mean the care of monuments and markers.


  • Rose bushes, shrubs, evergreens and trees are not allowed except as planted by the cemetery authorities.
  • Planting of annual flowers must be next to the monument/marker; no more than one foot out from the stone and not to exceed the width of the stone.

No waste company will take the yard waste.  ALL TRASH CONTAINERS HAVE BEEN REMOVED. 

Please take all trash home and dispose of properly.

  • Jars, bottles, urns, glass, crockery, statuary, cans, toys, and any type of lighting, candles, ornaments, fencing, metal stands, shepherd hooks and plant hangers of any kind will be removed at once and without notice.  They are unsuitable in appearance, easily damaged and present safety problems to workers and visitors.
  • Fresh flowers are permitted in flush vases only.  No chains are allowed on flush vase containers. 

NO TIN CANS OR GLASS CONTAINERS are permitted above ground.  Potted plants are permitted in pots of planting boxes (plastic or wood only).  Pots and boxes must be set in front of and close to the monument/marker.

  • ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS IN THE GROUND ARE PROHIBITED DURING THE GROWING SEASON WHEN NATURAL FLOWERS ARE AVAILABLE.  However, artificial flowers are allowed in approved permanent vases any time during the year.  Flowers on top of a monument/marker are not permitted.  Grave blankets are permitted from November 1 through March 1.  All artificial wreaths, flowers, evergreen blankets etc., will be removed sometime after March 1 depending on the weather. The cemetery reserves the right to remove any unsightly decorations violating these regulations.
  • The cemetery will not be responsible for plants damaged by the element, thieves, vandals, or by other causes beyond our control. The cemetery is not responsible for monument damage due to storms thieves, vandals, or other causes beyond our control.
  • No dumping of any kind in the gully. Violators will be fined!

We encourage the placement of decorations. We will try to be as careful as possible during our normal internment and maintenance activities as we can. We regret that we cannot guarantee that all decorations will be free from damage or loss, and we cannot accept responsibility for these occurrences.

The Catholic Cemetery is a holy place. These scared grounds are blessed by the Church and dedicated as a place of prayer and dignity for our faithful departed. Please maintain a quiet reverence and respect for the other people visiting the graves of love ones.   Thank you for your cooperation.

St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery Committee May 2014