MANNA * New Information 11-29-20       Cash and Carry Form         Weekly Order Form

Email orders to: [email protected]

  • Orders may now also be submitted on the weekend via the collection

  basket at church and through the MANNA slot in the book rack in the church narthex.

 Checks should not be put with those orders; you will pay at the time of pickup.

  • The White Order form is being updated; once completed it will  be in your envelope, in the narthex and on the St Joseph website:

  • Orders are due by 9:00AM Wednesdays via email. Please include total amount of order and your account number in the email
  • Pick up Thursdays 6:00PM-6:30PM in front of the Parish Center.
  •   Check only-No cash accepted.
  • If any of you have moved or changed your phone since you completed your last registration form please let us know.

*Contact Judy Fullmer with any questions at 630-542-4645 or

  email her at [email protected]


Thank you for your continued support of this great program